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Alignment Steering Wheel Holder

I made a steering wheel holder to use when aligning my Miatas.  The tool was fairly easy to make using a large caulking gun I bought at Ace Hardware for $9.00.  The remaining parts were made from a Miata jack handle.

First I cut off the caulk tube holder leaving the handle and plunger.  

I used a torch to heat the jack tool and bend it into shape for the steering wheel support.  I used my gas welder to attach the steering wheel support to the caulking gun handle.   

Then I used some gas line that I split about 2″ then left about 3/4″ and split 2″ to make it go into the cradle part of the steering wheel holder.  A little WD-40 and it finally went on.  

A little primer to cover the burned areas from welding and the big part was ready.  

I had a 7″ round piece of plywood already from my welding cart project so it became the seat rest for the tool.

This is how it looks installed.  

Sorry, but I did not take pictures as I made it.  It was too hot.

I have a set of Flyin Miata Hub Plates on the way, so this tool will come in handy!


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