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Alignment Camber Tool

I have a magnetic base camber gauge that came with a used tool box I purchased at a garage sale.  It appeared to be a viable option for use on my Miatas.  So, my son and I made a tool that can be placed against an OEM 15″ Miata wheel.

The tool is made from scraps of steel left over from the string jig and a couple of pieces of angle iron that came from Tractor Supply.  We welded it together and painted it with silver wheel paint to match the string jig.

I also used a homemade water level to check the level of my garage floor.  It was level on three wheel locations and 1/2″ low on one.  I can use floor tiles and one piece of 1/2″ plywood to use to level my cars to check the camber.

With the string jig and the camber tool I can do a basic alignment.


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